Episode 12 – How Creative Centres are Shifting; Toronto and the GTA (Liberty Village and ‘cookie-cutter’ people); Living in a Computer Simulation (Ryan and Andreas Free-for-All #4)

In this episode, we talk about how creative centres are shifting outside of the GTA; how Liberty Village is essentially made for cookie-cutter people; and, are we living in a computer simulation?

Our podcasts are never edited – this is as real as it gets!

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Episode 11 – Motorcycles, Martial Arts, Life

In this episode, Ryan and Andreas share stories about the stupid things they did as teenagers, and the craziness that is the Isle of Man TT and the UFC.

Episode 10 – Atom Martin – Music, Culture, Life

In this episode, we talk with Atom Martin about the evolution of music, culture, life and growing up with an older brother. Atom is a Toronto musician, songwriter, producer and graphic artist.

Episode 9 – Mindfulness, Food & Hunting, Diverse Viewpoints in Culture (Ryan & Andreas “Free-for-All #2”)

In this episode, we discuss our own strategies for mindful living, the culture of food production,  and diversity in media. 

Episode 8 – Nadine Guimond: Environmental Stewardship, Reducing Consumption & #BringYourOwnContainer

In this episode, we welcome Nadine Guimond to discuss her new initiative ‘Bring Your Own Container’ which encourages us to be good stewards for our world by reducing our use of plastic, be more mindful about our carbon footprint, and take the time to slow down. 

This is what Nadine’s talking about: 

Episode 7 – Shifting Urbanization Demands; Community Building; Trends in Tech (“Ryan and Andreas Free-for-All #1”)

This episode is a Free-for-All! 

We discuss shifting urbanization demands in Toronto, from Regent Park to Liberty Village; food security in Canadian cities; macro-level trends in international development; and, social implications of VR, big-data, privacy and tech.

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Music Courtesy of: Art of Shades

Episode 6 – Monika Rau: Development in Toronto; Looking to the Future of Toronto and Housing; City-Building and Getting into Urban Planning

We chat with Monika Rau about the future of Toronto, and development trends regarding commercial and mixed-use retail, as well as affordable housing – from lane-way homes to tiny homes.  Overall, we are bullish on the future of this City. Monika also shares her story on getting involved in the industry and development policy, from her involvement with ULI to OPPI to NXT City.

Oh – and we discover that we all agree that Bounty chocolate bars are, well….amazing.

Monika is an urban planner currently working on the mixed-use commercial team at Dream

Episode 5: Rob Pelaccia on Toronto Real Estate, New Mortgage Rules and Views from the Ambulance

In this episode, we welcome Rob Pelaccia to the show

Rob is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres and a paramedic. This conversation is about where Toronto real estate may be headed, new mortgage rules and how changing demands from millennials are influencing the market.  Rob also talks about his time travelling around in the back of an ambulance…

Episode 4: Motorcycle Stories; Michael Jackson, Resilience, Struggle & Developing Skills; Tribalism in Journalism

In this episode, we get into motorcycles, freedom and fatherhood; how we can learn about resilience from Michael Jackson; ‘tribalism’ in journalism; and building skills & developing yourself as a person. We also welcome Sheldon D’Souza to the show. Sheldon is a musician, music programmer and producer.

Expensive Realities – Episode 3: Toronto Music City’s Affordable Housing + Hub for Musicians

In this episode, Ryan and Andreas discuss Toronto Music City’s first affordable housing project – a 100-unit co-op + music hub in Regent Park, exclusively for Toronto musicians.  Andreas discusses the vision for the project, the business + social case for incorporating creative elements and place-making into new developments, and how innovation, disruptive technology and the need for physical spaces are impacting the music industry.